Healing with Osteopathy

Osteopathy Treats...



Osteoapthy is an effective treatments to people of all ages (including babies) with physical problems caused by accidents, illness and ageing, and particularly in these fields:


Muscular Skeleton

Arthrosis, rheumatism, lumbagos, torticollis, sciatica, neuralgia, periathrisis, sport injuries (sprain, tendinitis, cramps, etc), pregnancy-related back pain, pre and post natal care for mother and baby, discomfort after surgery.


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nausea and digestion problems, constipation, menstrual pain, abdominal discomfort etc.


Babies’ cranial asymmetry, bronchiolitis, sinusitis, babies’ regurgitation and colic, crying babies, insomnia, headaches, stress and fatigue etc.

Osteopathy and Physiotherapy in Arles, France