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Osteopathy and Physiotherapy in HCMC (Arles), France.

A highly effective treatment to people of all ages is provided, including infants, addressing all manner of physical problems caused by accidents, illnesses, aging or simply bad postural habits. We are able to offer you high quality therapeutic work with hands-on techniques and postural rehabilitation.

We work with modern treatment facilities and electrotherapy devices available for use if required.

Patients needing physiotherapy and rehabilitation care will always benefit from osteopathic techniques in the initial sessions to help them optimize the functional rehabilitation processes. The entire rehab work - rehabilitation in orthopaedics and sport traumatology, rehabilitation in rheumatology, neurology and pneumopatology - is therefore done on a balanced body, allowing a faster and more durable recovery.

Our resident practitioner is perfecting the Art of healing for the past 12 years. Fully trained in Physiotherapy (B.Sc) and Osteopathy (D.O) in Paris, you will be treated by a health care professional having received a 9 years training in 2 universities, several hospitals, rehabilitation centers and private practices.

David has also been studying the energetical part of treatment through Reiki and relationship body/mind (psychosomatic) in pathologies studying bio-decoding / total biology.

David used to work from 2005 to 2009 at the International Medical Center, then for International SOS clinic from 2010 to 2012 in Ho Chi Minh City as a full time Osteopath-Physiotherapist where he treated mostly expatriate patients, adults, children and babies.

David is currently working 19 rue de la bruyère, Trinquetaille - 13200 Arles

Osteopathy and Physiotherapy in Arles, France